Attack of the Cravings

It can be really difficult to focus on holistic nutrition when you suffer from cravings for those sweet, sugary products. It can be even more difficult when we see those temptations all around us. We only have to travel to the gas station or the corner store for something totally unrelated and right before our eyes we see those enticing donuts in the checkout line or candy bars right next to the cash register. Cravings can be particularly difficult to deal with, especially if you haven’t eaten a balanced meal for several hours. The combination of a hunger pang and that sweet tooth can be tough to resist and before you know it you have fueled your sugar addiction once again.

A variety of imbalances within the body can be responsible for spurring a sugar craving, especially when it comes to insulin production. If, for example, you are used to drinking sugary coffees or cans of soda at any opportunity, your body may have been accustomed to significant spikes in glucose and consequent insulin production, leading to a constant level of anticipation.

It’s important to take a really balanced look at holistic health solutions in your life if you find that you are constantly having to fight off those sugar cravings. One of the more important areas for your attention should be the balance of your overall diet. Sometimes you may not be getting as much protein as you should and you may need to realize that what your body is really asking you for is protein and not sugar.

As we said previously, temptations are everywhere and often you can do little about their location. However, you can certainly clean your house of these temptations, where you have overall control and this means not stocking up on those tempting “after dinner” treats, or that carton of “Ben and Jerry’s,” sitting in its special place in your freezer!

You should know that there is a difference between simple processed sugar and sugar that is already contained within foods. Processed foods and candy bars, processed juices and soda drinks all contain sugars that contain zero calories or nutritional value and these are responsible for that “high” and subsequent low. Fruits, on the other hand, contain naturally occurring sugars which interact with your body in an entirely different way. We know that nutritional experts are always preaching at us to eat more fruits and vegetables and if you can get into the habit of eating an item of fruit every day, you will get beneficial fibers, vitamins and minerals as well.

Do not underestimate the power that this sugar addiction can have over you. You will need to make significant dietary changes and have a lot of willpower to be able to get through the early stages. Pay attention to everything that you buy in the grocery store from now on and read the labels to reveal your best buying choices. A sensible approach to holistic nutrition will soon help you overcome the worst.

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